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The Game of Adetokunbo

Multiculturals and immigrants change their ethnic names when moving to new places to assimilate and fit in. Parts of identities and cultures are compromised and lost in transition. 

So, we had WhatsApp, a communication platform and tool used by billions of people around the world, bring together two stars during the NBA All-Star weekend.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Basketball Star and Hasan Minhaj, Comedian and Political Commentator.
Two cross cultural icons to play a game of HORSE with an interesting twist.

A billion+ views. Rave reviews. A rallying cry.

Hero film

Giannis and Hasan teased the hero film a couple of days before the launch.

And two unique cutdowns.

Everyone loved it.

Agency: Translation
CCO: Jason Campbell
CDs: Dennis Kung + Stephanie Cajucom
Senior Creatives: Hailey Boerema + KS Shanti
Junior Creatives: Shrinidhi Vijay + Kofi Lost

Press: Adweek ︎︎︎Complex ︎︎︎People ︎︎︎Newsweek ︎︎︎Hypebeast ︎︎︎Baller Alert

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