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A passion project exploring (de)gendered fashion through an Avant Garde- Indian fusion.

Days Inn - See You On Tour

Days Inn has over 1350 national locations all near major music festivals. Days Inn could be the newest music festival headquarters for young festival goers.

DuckDuckGo - Escape The Search Bubble

Lady Gaga - Music Posters

WeTransfer - Share Creativity

Farmtown Winery - Logo Design

Days Inn - Made with Danny Todesca (CW), Zeynep Aydogmus (AD) and Stephon Jacob (ST)
DuckDuckGo - Made with Danny Todesca (CW) and Jess Leonard (AD)
 WhatsApp︎︎︎Beats by Dre︎︎︎State Farm︎︎︎New Orleans Voodoo Museum︎︎︎Five Guys︎︎︎Detour Ahead

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