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(D&AD New Blood Award Brief)

Ask - To create excitement around non-English language content on Netflix for audiences in the UK.

Problem - People don’t actively seek out non-English content because they tend to stick to what’s familiar.

So here’s what we do -
We take emphasis away from the unfamiliar and focus on what people love and like regardless of language: Genre.

Netflix Communities
Case study video


Campaign Phases

Made with Leslie Townsend (ST), Michal Howick (ST), Ivy Lu (ST) and Craig Kissoon (CW)
 Ghirardelli Chocolate︎︎︎Impossible Foods︎︎︎Five Guys︎︎︎New Orleans Voodoo Museum︎︎︎Almond Joy︎︎︎Loki︎︎︎Ritz︎︎︎Detour Ahead

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